Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have to brag on my sis and her husband. As some of you know, Matt Phillips has had a long road of addiction, etc in the past. He has been sober over 2 years now and to see God work in his and so many other's lives is absolutely amazing. This past Sunday at church, he stood up at the Baptism pool w/ a guy that works w/ him and his partner Brad. His name was Edward and he got Baptised. He didn't have anyone there to support him except his nephew for whatever reason. But to see Matt P stand up there and know he has witnessed to this man is so awesome. God is using Matt P to turn others to Him and it makes me so proud. He is using his addiction and hard times to witness to others and show them through his life what CAN happen if/when you turn your life around and give it to Christ. I cried like a baby Sunday watching that Baptism. Matt P is a presence and when he walks in a room, you look. When he talks, you listen. He is just that kind of person. And I truly believe to witness to someone lost in whatever their tribulation is by a Christian that has never been there, won't do much good. But to witness to that person on a day to day basis and for that person to see you live it, and know you have been there, done that will touch them and do wonders. God brought Matt and Jenn up from the depths and look where they are now!!!! HE continues to amaze me over and over again w/ what this family can do. I am proud of you Matt and Jenn. God bless and keep up the good work!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness

Now is she cute or what? That is one of my BFF Jennifer Turley a/b 16-18 weeks pg. (I know, I'm a bad friend and am not sure how far along) But these days you can get your U/S to check the sex earlier and earlier. She gets to see April 8 and we are all so excited. She is feeling good I think and says her husband Ben is still excited and happy. They will be the best parent's EVER!!! God bless!!!

We had a fantastic weekend. Emma was not feeling well Friday so off we went to the doc. Thank goodness it was only a cold. Her school thought it might be the flu since 2 kids in her class had it. While I was gone Papa fixed my semi-flat tire w/o me even asking. He is the best!!!! Then we went to Cracker Barrell and Emma spent the night w/ Me-Maw. Which is probably best since she is more of a cuddlier than I am and I'm sure was more affectionate. Sat. we cleaned Aunt Peggy's room out and went to lunch. Then home and Emma and I took a good nap. MAtt worked in the yard and it looked awesome. Sunday was church and visiting Matt's parent's.

Praise Report - Matt's Grandma is loaning us the $ to pay off ALL of his debt from when we were apart. It is a/b $2000. and we are so blessed. She even said God is using her as a tool and I believe it also. Plus he got a new laptop from his parent's yesterday. Something was wrong w/ the side of it, so they got a new one. And we got that one. PLUS, Matt Phillips (BIL) got a F150 work truck a/b a month ago, it broke down. So the dealer said bring it back w/ $500. and he would put him in a new one w/ same $. Sunday at church ALL the men were crowded around this NICE Dodge, 4 door, chrome wheels, leather, wood grain, etc. He deserves it and man is it sweet!!!

Just an update. WE are all doing well and Emma is better now. Cant' wait to see my friend above Jenn. Love the belly!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Weekend

Happy Monday!!! This is my dad, Emma and Angela last night at his house. They spent the night w/ Mason and Abby also since they are out for Spring Break. Having a blast apparently!!!

We had a nice weekend. Had church, spent the night w/ Matt's parent's, went grocery shopping, took a good nap. I couldn't sleep worth a crap last night b/c I had too much caffeine and we took a 2 1/2 hr nap. So at a/b 2AM I finally went to sleep. Poor Matt was so glad to see me get up and on the sofa at 11:00.

That's a/b all that's going on w/ us. Got a b'day party this weekend and that's a/b it. God bless!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Beginning of March

Well, the pageant went well. Abby walked better than she ever has and got 2nd Alternate. She looked BEAUTIFUL and we were all so very proud of her. 2nd out of 15 girls is something to be proud of. She has another one this weekend at Odenville but we are going to go bowling for Alisa's b'day. I'm sure she will do well. We are so proud of her!!! Good job Abigial!!! She had so many people there cheering her on also. Huge crowd!!!
I am so proud of Matt. He took Emma to McDonalds while I was gone helping get Abby ready and they had a balloon artist/face painter there and he said she had a ball. (even though he said she was in her pj's and tennis shoes, gotta love it!!!) Then came to the pageant w/ MeMaw and Papa. I love it when dad's take initiative and spend one on one time w/ their kids. It is such precious time together. And before long they won't want us to take them to McDonalds to play!!!

Matt P went to his Tres Dias this weekend and said he really enjoyed it. Jenn said he was fired up when he got home. Praise God.

Yes, we had snow yesterday!!! I will post some pics later. WE had a ball in the snow and built a great snowman. The cat's were not amused though and stayed inside sleeping on our bed the whole day. Alabama doesn't get snow much and we really took advantage. Me and Matt got in a pretty heated snowball fight, but it was fun.

Our prayers go out to Gracie's family today. They are loosing their 11 month old girl and I can not imagine the grief they are going through. Her heart just isn't working and won't recover from the transplant. Everyone please keep their family in your prayers. (she is in my blog list)