Thursday, April 23, 2009

Award Ceremony for Miss Beth Gymnastics 2009 - Enjoy!!! She did fantastic!!!


(she is
so strong)

No handed forward roll.
Backhandspring Training -

Us at the Gardendale Fair this past weekend!!! We missed daddy though :(

Like I said, we are enjoying spring and doing fine. Missing church since it's so far away we dont' get to go as often as we would like. Work is busy for me and Matt. Other than that, we are good. Emma is fantastic and did great at her Gymnastics Demo this week. WE got good video and pics. She is so talented!!!

Baseball Season

Sorry it has been so long since I have been on. Work is busy and life is great. Money of course is extremely tight but as long as we allow God to guide us and work as a team, I have faith we can and will dig ourselves out of this.

Baseball season has started and Mason is in full swing. (haha) Here are some pics taken last Saturday at his game vs. Irondale. The first is up to bat, second is everyone looking to the sky to see where the ball went, (it cleared the fence and cars) and third is Mason back at home base w/ all of the team and his dad (first base coach) cheering him on. Enjoy!!!! WE are very excited a/b MaMaw going w/ us to his game this Friday night. Good luck Mason!!! Oh, and he got voted Class Cutie of the 6th grade.

**this smile is right before he asked Aunt Kaky how much he was going to get for that one?*** Memaw had to go to the van and get her wallet - LOL