Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Just wanted to tell you all how touched I am by the Simmons family during this time. My prayers and thoughts constantly go out to Cassie and Emily. Also to everyone who lost sweet Aryn. God is in control and He knows best. It is hard to accept that at times. But during those times is when we live by Faith. God bless them. It makes all of us, especially parent's, double think reality and what really matters in life. Not the small things, but the ones you love and have been blessed with.

Thank you Meg for keeping us updated on the events. Your writing is beautiful and inspirational.

God bless!!!

Pregnant Friends

Hi everyone, I wanted to share the good news. One of my oldest and very best friends, Jennifer Turley (formerly Browning) is going to be a momma. Her and her husband Ben will be the best parent's ever. And we are all so extremely excited for them. God has blessed their marriage and home w/ such a sweet beautiful blessing. And we couldn't be happier. The baby is due to arrive in August and I hope to be along for the ride the whole time. They live in a beautiful home in Odenville and both have their degrees in Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. God is good!!!

Also, Christmas Eve found out Chey Garrigan, one of my BFF, McCain's sister is pg also and due in August also.

Still excited for Tracey and Michael Wilson. Their baby boy is due early May and he is also an awesome blessing to their family and our friendship circle. Can't wait to meet Baby Wilson. He is going to be dark haired and so beautiful!!!
Thank you Lord!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drinkard Family

Hi everyone. Let me start w/ telling you all a/b our family. Matt and Kat Drinkard are 30. We have been together since we were 18. I went to Odenville and Matt went to Moody High. We both went to Jeff State where Matt studied computers and I studied Office Info. Matt finished in January and proposed in Febuary in Mentone. WE were married 16 months later on June 1,2002. We had Emma on December 2, 2004. And yes, of course she is the love of our lives. We lived in Moody for a while. And had a turn of events in July 2007. Now we live in Fultondale, Emma goes to a wonerful GCA (Gardendale Christian Academy) which we love. I work in Hoover for a chemical company for 9 years and Matt in plumbing in Moody. We are very happy w/ our marriage and parenthood. We are currently attending Church of Bradford Road and really love it. My sis is my BFF and she is married to a Matt also. And has Mason (12) and Abby (8). You will hear me talk a/b them often. That's a/b the gest I guess. God bless!!!