Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Update 01-30-09

Good morning everyone. Got a weird one w/ Emma this morning. She complained the other night in the tub that her cheek and ear was hurting. But I didn't think anything a/b it. And we ran out of Xyrtec Sat. So she went Sunday - WEdnesday w/o it. Then she went to the dentist yesterday AM and seemed fine. She didn't eat well last night but slept well. She also laid back in the new recliner last night saying she didn't feel good. (hum) She woke up this AM saying her ear and cheek hurt. And it is swollen on her right side like crazy. She was crying when I got her dressed saying her cheek hurt. Like big tears and I thought she was being sleepy and whimpy. But when I finally took a minute to look she was swollen pretty bad on that right side. I took her temp and it was normal and went ahead and gave her some Motrin. I figured that is an anti-inflammatory so it would help. I took her on to school and they recognized right off she was swollen. I asked her to bite down and she said doing that didn't hurt. So I left her there telling them Papa and Me-Maw are home if she is miserable and can come to get her. I made her an appt at 4:15 for the doc to see what they say. I think it's either an ear infection or the dentist has aggravated something or a allergic reaction to something. I'm not sure which. But the last time she had an allergic reaction it went into her bloodstream and landed us in Childrens ER in the middle of the night. I really wonder what in the world this is???? Anyway, mommy instinct tells me it is something, so we are going in. Poor girl!!! I hope she is ok at school and not in pain.

Other than that, we are good. I am finished w/ Kids Market clothes. Last night finished putting barcodes on them and seperating them into size piles. I have got until March 7, so I'm ahead of schedule. I'm supposed to be getting some of Meghan's kids clothes to sell for her. And Jenn is giving me some of Abby's to add to mine. So I wanted to go ahead and get mine done.

Tonight just hanging at home. Tomorrow is Mason's game at 9AM, then my hair appt and Emma is supposed to stay w/ Jenn. Depending on what the doc says today, we aren't sure now though. Sunday is church and visit Matt's parent's. I miss them!!! We used to live right there and now are so far away!!!

Next week is Matt's surgery so I am getting my grocery list ready for that and getting everything else in place at the house. They have been working on our water all week and that's been fun. WE never know from night to night whether our water will be clear or orange. Lovely!!!

I will check back - hope and pray my baby is ok.
I also don't know anything yet a/b Hailey. I am assuming no news is good news. I think her mom was scheduled to ahve the baby this week.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wanted to brag on our Papa for a minute. My mom married Frank Fendley a/b 3 years back and w/ that came the biggest blessing. He is the most wonderful man ever!!! He does so much for us w/o even asking. Mom can't even want for anything (really any of us) w/o him getting it. For instance: I mentioned the other day (the live next door) that b/c our floor still slants some I wanted to get some furniture things that sit on the bottom of the furniture. We had been using coasters and it looked pretty tacky. He has those things for his furniture so they won't crease the carpet. I get home the next day and he had a pack for me.
And he does this ALL the time. He gets Emma from school every day. And they go to Burger King, Wal-MArt, Dollar Store, etc. She always has toys from that day and/or food. He feeds her dinner all the time before I even get home. Gets' mom anything and everything she wants, lets us drive his truck/Jeep if/when we need, works on our washing machine, builds the school Bible for the parade, etc. I called today to let him know when MAtt is out w/ his arm surgery he won't be able to drive a stick. So he will have my car and I will need the Jeep. Of course he is fine w/ that and will have it gassed and ready for me. when I got home last night he had already fed Emam dinner, and deposited money in my account.
Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better step-father and we are all so blessed to have him. They live next door so we are EXTREMELY close and I plan to keep it that way. I'm a momma's girl anyway!!! When I was sick w/ the flu last year I stayed w/ them and he got me movies, food, milkshakes, did laundry, etc. He is the best!!! Not to mention what all he does for Alisa. (miss her BTW)
Anyway, wanted to brag. He is a Godly man, (they are Catholic), great provider, happy, sweet, funny, SO smart, etc. He is even building websites for some jewlry companies around town and they are paying him w/ furniture. (which of course mom loves)
He is awesome!!!! God bless Papa!!!!


Love, love, love Jon & Kate plus 8. I watched it last night from like 8-10:00 and they were all new episodes. They never showed the front of their new house or much of the yard but it is huge. Of course w/ 8 kids, it has to be. Matt said it's sad that w/ a house that size, the kids still have to share rooms. But it was so great w/ their hardwoods, huge kitchen, fireplaces, acerage, etc. Plus she is just such an awesome mom and so crafty. They were having a yard sale at a church on one of the episodes and all of the proceeds went to Pediatric Cancer. And at the end Jon actually said they were going to do it again (she said each year) and that it was fun!!! Fun!!! Having to get a U-haul, set up, pack everything, sell, keep up w/ kids, etc. And it was fun!!!! He is great!! I'm sure they have issues like all families, but it's so neat to see how well they handle every day occurances. And she is so tough, it motivates me. When she says no, that's no and there's no arguing. Man, Emma needs to learn that!!!!

I sat in my recliner for a while and that thing will make u lazy!!! Matt and I talked some and he said it would be easy to not drink when it's his idea. And it is his this time around. So please pray for strength for me to stand my ground and for him to stay sober!!!!

Emma had gymnastics and did great. I got out of the shower this AM to see dad and Emma snuggled up in our bed watching cartoons. I love that so much. So sweet and I hope they always stay that close.

I will update on Hailey when I find out. Keep praying for Matt P and my Matt's soberity. Oh and the movie Fireproof comes out on DVD today. Please watch it everyone. It is so awesome!!! I have heard wonderful things a/b it and will get it ASAP.
God bless!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday

Hi everyone. Happy news to report: we got an awesome recliner yesterday for only $25.00. A friend/coworker of my mom's had it from her grandmother and let me buy it. We went to Morris to pick it up yesterday and looks brand new. There were even tags still on it. It is a maroon big one that matches the den great. I am so happy for it and appreciate the deal so much. I have been dying for one for a while but would (or could) not finance it. I actually fell asleep in it yesterday afternoon. Man, that's some good sleep!! And I feel so much better a/b having it for Matt's surgery on the 5th. Now we can prop his right arm up and he can be comfy. I had set up my savings and was going to wait to buy a new one w/ cash. But mom called last week saying she said I could get this one for a deal. Thanks again!!!!

Hailey update - asked Amy this AM and she said surgery Friday on her good eye went well. They think she will have sight in it but not sure how much. Big news = she is out of ICU and in her own room. That is so awesome b/c it means everything is coming together for her to recover. Amy said she is going to visit at lunch and will update me more. I will post when I know more. Thanks for the prayers and keep them up!!!

Me and Matt are working on our marriage but it isn't what I wish it would/could be. We have a lot of baggage, trust issues, history and pain. We need to be more involved in church, SS, and Celebrate Recovery. WE talked a little a/b it this AM and he has agreed to stop drinking. Which is a HUGE issue w/ our marriage. But i am enabler, which only sends mixed signals to him. I do the same w/ Emma and have got to put my foot down and keep it down. I pray for strength!!!! I spoke to Jenn this morning a/b my concerns and I'm so thankful she has words of wisdom for me. Matt and I love each other very much and w/ that I feel, we can accomplish anything. Look how far we have come alredy!!!! We still have a long road ahead and have to put Christ first and foremost in our lives and marriage. Matt normally follows my lead, so I feel the pull to be more of a Godly wife and mother and a leader in my home. We are supposed to be team, but aren't quite there yet. With God's love and devotion and guidance, we can get there though. I want Emma to be able to look at BOTH of her parent's and say to herself 'that's what i want for my life and marriage'. I know, most paren't probably want the same thing. But it's up to us to make that happen and not to settle for second best. Please pray for our family!!!

BBL - Kat

Friday, January 23, 2009

Praise God

Happy Friday everyone. I have a HUGE praise report this morning. My sister's husband, Matt Phillips celebrated 2 years of recovery yesterday. He will get his 2-year chip tonight at Celebrate Recovery and we owe it all to God. He is an awesome God!!!!! Matt is a huge inspiration to all of us and is a walking miracle. I brag on him every chance I get and I am just beyond proud of him. I knew he could do it, we all did. But until he let go and let God, he was trapped in the hell that we know as addiction. It is a horrible hell that so many people get sucked into. And only the strong survive it. Matt Phillips (I put his last name all the time b/c my husband is named Matt also) is a strong believer, follower in Jesus Christ and give Him all the glory. He and his family, as well as mine go to Church of Bradford Road and Celebrate Recovery at Clearbranch. Matt and I have only been to CR once but need to go more. To know where Matt P was, and where he is now. To know his story and his testimony is absolutely a miracle in every sense of the word. I pray he continues on this path and continues to amaze all of us. I have never seen my sister or Mason/Abby so happy. He just opened his own company doing home remodeling/matienance and is finally living his dream. Again, God is awesome and can do anything if you let Him. We are so proud of him!!! Please thank God for his recovery and remember him in your prayers.

BBL - Kat

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sleeping Girl - finally

My child slept through the night!!! WOOHOO!~!! I can't tell you the last time she did this. And she is 4 years old for goodness sakes. Her Pediatrician Dr. Webster (we both love her) said it is b/c we treat her like a princess during the day and cater to her every need. So at night, she does the same thing. She normally calls Matt in there at least 2x after I tuck her in for stupid stuff like 'cover me up, that shadow bothers me', etc. And usually calls one of us in there at least 1x during the night for something crazy too. Now if she is sick or has to tee-tee, I get that. But the stupid stuff was starting to get old. I figured it was seperation anxiety b/c of her dad being gone for almost a year and she just wanted to make sure he was there. But Dr. Webster said she has to learn to do on her own and be a big girl. Now Matt is better at this than me. For instance, letting her get herself dressed, brushing her own hair, taking her plate in the kitchen, etc. I do it b/c I am faster and get it done. But I can tell you I am working on all of it. She amazes me at what she can do on her own. She is now bathing herself while I either watch or tell her what to bathe next. And can do so many big girl things. Mainly she just does it when she wants to, instead of when I tell her to. I think I caught her rolling her eyes at me this AM b/c she wanted me to move her Little Pet Shop house (that Ashley and Shelby next door gave her last night, so sweet, and OMG that baby is the cutest baby ever and she is so scared of our cats) to the floor while I was drying my hair. Um, you are 4 and can do that on your own, come on!!!! So that is what we are battling these days. But she is so smart and I know she can and will do it. I guess this is the downfall to her being an only child and getting all of our attention 100% of the time.

HAven't heard anything a/b Hailey yet. But will continue to pray for her recovery and strength for her and the family.

God bless our country today as we watch history unfold. God bless our new President. It is history in the making - good or bad. We will see but I will pray for him no matter what. He has a tough road ahead of him no matter what.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Family and Hailey Update

First off, Amy called Saturday w/ happy news. She said Hailey was off the breathing tube completely, the surgery went well and her parent's were going to get to hold her that afternoon. I think they were discussing her own room also. Sunday her tongue started to swell and she started running a fever. So they put the tube back in and postponed surgery that was scheduled for today to reconstruct her nose and cheekbone and clean out her right eye. (she will have a glass eye put in place) Amy said it has been up and down w/ her but she is still fighting hard!!! Apparently word is getting out a/b our little fighter. Amy said the lead singer for the country band Shenandoah called Hailey's grandfather saying he is praying for her, as well as his church and he would be there to see her walk out of that hospital. It is so helpful for the family to know so many people care and are praying andd she is already touching people's lives. She is so strong and such an inspiration!!! Her mom is still doing ok w/ the pg also. Keep up the prayers!!! She is doing ok but has a long road. God is good and will continue to strengthen her and her family. I will keep you all updated when I talk to Amy again.

We are all doing well w/ our family. Broke as usual, but making it. Didn't go bowling but rented movies instead. I helped get Meghan and Cady ready for a wedding they were in Sat. morning and that was fun. Yesterday church was fantastic as usual. I am fired up and looking forward to the sermon series starting this week. I wish we lived closer so we could be more involved w/ Wednesday and activities like that. But it made me proud that Matt said yesterday that he didn't care how far away we lived, that wouldn't stop us from continuing from going to church there and being a part of our friends lives that live in Odenville/Moody. Then he quickly added as long as gas doesn't go back up to $4.00 a gallon.

We pray for Deb today. She is going in for minor exploratory surgery. And anytime someone goes 'under' we get a little nervous. She is such an awesome Grandmom, mom, mother-in-law. I'm sure all will be fine.

BBL - Kat

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emma this week

Hi everyone, while of course we are thinking of and praying for Hailey, I wanted to update you on Emma-lu. She did 2 hours of gymnastics Monday to make up for missed weeks over the holidays. Miss Beth said she was doing fantastic and a natural. I got there in time to watch some and she is good. (then again, I am probably biased and wanting a gymnast/cheerleader on my hands) She got her report card sent home Tuesday and everything looked good. We are working on letter recognition through flash cards every night. And now also working on numbers 10-20. She does well until 15 then skips around. But we will get there I'm sure. To look in her classroom is funny b/c it's all what we are working on at home at night also. She is probably so sick of going over all of that stuff. Oh and she is singing a new song a/b Jesus's disciples and it is so cute!!!! I love it and get her to sing it like 5x a night to us. Daddy had a big grin last night when she was sitting, singing it to him. I hope she always does that for us.

This weekend the only plan is to go bowling w/ mom, frank, alisa, deb, glenn, and maybe jenn's family. I hope they can go b/c it will be SOOO much fun and I will be too busy taking pics to even bowl. And of course church hopefully. I wish so much we lived closer so we could be more involved. Then again it's so great living next door to mom/Frank and Emma's school is fantastic. So good and bad I guess.

Again, continuing to pray for Hailey and her family and the docs/surgeons/nurses. Also pray for Matt. He has to have surgery on his right rotator cuff on Feb. 5. He had surgery on his left back in May I think and did it w/o narcotics. This time we are still doing the pump, but he will have narcotics w/ me carefully monitoring. I pray it goes well and I trust it will.

BBL - Kat

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hailey Leslie

Good morning everyone. I wanted to update you all on baby Hailey. Amy called last night and said she will be in surgery this AM to remove the bullet fragments and infection from her scull. Apparently when she called yesterday a surgeon had made a comment and the family pretty much panik. There is so much undecided right now w/ a head injury and a child this small. The main thing right now is she is stable and reacting to voices. Amy said her grandmother came and said 'this is your grandmother Hailey, squeeze my hand' and she did. That is a VERY good sign. They aren't doing an EEG b/c she is showing plenty signs of brain activity. She has definitely lost her right eye and will have to have reconstructive surgery on her nose and cheek. Right now she is in surgery and we all need to pray. She is already touching lives and people are praying for her around the globe. My mommy's groups is from all over the world and those wonderful women are praying. Last night Emma wanted me to sing her 'just one more song' and that was absolutely fine w/ me. Hailey is showing how strong she is and the whole family is hanging in there the best they can for her and each other. Again her mom is pg and due in 3-4 weeks. So of course special prayers go out to her and her unborn baby during this time. Please everyone keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. God is awesome and she is still with us. That shows that she has a purpose here on earth. We trust in Him during this time and pray for strength. Thank you everyone for keeping in touch and caring and praying. Keep it up!!! I will be back to update on how the surgery went as soon as I know.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pray for Hailey

I got a email yesterday from my MIL, Deb saying a friend of ours niece was shot in the head accidentally over the weekend. Her name is Hailey and she is only 2 years old. Apparently her uncle was checking his gun in his truck when it went off. Hailey was running by the truck at the time. Her uncle thought it wasn't loaded and it was a new gun. I got a call this morning from my friend Amy that would be her aunt or cousin (not sure which) by marriage, asking me to pray and send the word out and she was crying. She said Hailey took a turn and we needed to pray. She is at the Children's Hospital here in B'ham w/ a head injury. Please everyone pray for sweet baby Hailey, her docs/nurses and her family. Also, Hailey's mom is due w/ another baby in 3-4 weeks. So please pray for that baby and her health during this time. We don't know why God does what He does or allows certain things to happen. It is during these times we go on faith. We all know HE has a plan for all of our lives. But as parent's, we dont' always understand. Please lift her up and rally around Hailey and her family. I will keep you all updated on that sweet angel.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Inspiration

I have been working since September to get this weight off and I am now down to 120 thankfully. Before I got pg w/ Emma I was on the depo shot, while teaching/taking aerobics and eating like a bird. Yet I gained like 30# and could not until now, get it off. I haven't exercised much b/c through cheering I just got burned out. (i know some of you know what i mean) But now that Matt is SO AWESOME and works out religiously he is inspiring me to do the same. This summer at the beach I could tell he was proud of the way he looked. And he is freaking huge!!! I'm telling you, he went from big to taking Hydroxycut and BAM - HUGE!!!! Sure, there will always be someone sexier, hotter, bigger, cuter/prettier than all of us. But man, my husband is DANG HOT!!!!! So I need to get a move on and catch up to him. Last night I took Tricia's advice and got a work out video and some hand weights. MAtt was at the gym so I had Emma while trying to do it and it didn't work out too well. I had to cut it short, but that's ok. I am a tad sore today and am on the road to a healthy/hot me. Thank you Matt for encouraging me and inspiring me and for being so stinking HOT!!!!! :) WE are both eating pretty healthy (most of the time) also and that will show Emma how to live also. I tried to jump on her new trampoline for exercise but that didn't work too well. After having such a hard labor, can't really do that. Anyway, just wanted to keep everyone updated.
We have Awards Day tomorrow. Can't wait to beam w/ pride for our sweet girl.
Mason had an awards day this week w/ recognition for being on Beta Club and all A's I think. Such a great guy!!! And Abby has another pagent in February. Beautiful thing!!!

Thank you Lord for our happy, healthy family. WE owe all the glory to You.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our big girl!!!

I guess I don't have a baby anymore. I don't even think she is a 'Toddler' most days. Last night Emma helped me SO much w/o me even asking. I was unloading the dishwasher and she said 'Mommy, can I help?' I said 'of course' and started showing her where things went. She put the tupperware up, pots and pans, (although she grunted and said they were heavy), and put her forks, spoons, and med droppers in their right containers in their drawer.
Then she proceeded to count out all of the fish sticks to put on the tray to cook. After that she poured the noodles in the water for mac & cheese. When those were done she mixed in the cheese. Then she wanted to fix mine and daddy's plates. So I set out all the stuff and she spooned it all out onto our plates. I was so proud and she got her choice of a few stickers for reward.
She was getting ready for her bath later and I went in there to help her get undress and potty to find she had already pottied, wiped, taken off her pants and panties and was working on her shirt. I had to stop myself from helping her and just watched in amazement how big she has become. Then I heard her a few times in the bath talking to her Dora characters. She is the smartest and cutest thing ever!!! I am so proud but must admit I miss my baby. (then again she will always be my baby!!! Just like I still crawl in my mom's lap when I'm sick or hurt. I hope she comes to me like that forever.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Emma's First Award

I called yesterday to talk to Emma's teacher, Miss Theresea (yes I'm the mom that calls like 10x a day) and she told me Emma won an award. It is the Good Citizenship Award that is given out to 1 outstanding student per 6 weeks at GCA. It means she has been helpful w/ her fellow classmates, done what she was told by Miss Theresa, just been an overall good girl at 4K. Matt and I are so proud of her and wanted to share this accomplishment with you all. There will be a ceremony during Honors Chapel this Friday at 8:30 that me and Matt will attend and take pics. I will upload them ASAP. We are so proud of her and wanted to share!!! (guess the paint stirrer spankings have worked - LOL)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Awesome weekend

Hi everyone. We are back from the weekend and it was such a good one. The washing machine part came in Friday night and you should have seen us. All 3 of us were standing on the front porch waiting for the UPS guy with baited breath. Matt and Papa fixed it first thing Sat. morning and it was done and in by lunch. They amaze me. Between the 2 of them, they can do anything. In the old house Matt fixed faucets and put up lights, ceiling fans, they both built the Bible for Emma's parade, put up crown modeling, etc. Some men have to pay people to do those things, not my men!!! I am so lucky to have them and they continue to amaze me. We spent the night w/ Deb and Glenn and hung out w/ McCain and Ella and Amber. She is getting so big. I will have to download some pics and post them soon. She is 19 months old and is as beautiful and funny as ever. And she loves me and I love it so much. She walks to me w/ her arms out for me to love her and pick her up. It is so awesome and warms my heart.

Sunday we went to church and Deb came with us. Rodney was awesome as always and the music really gets us pumped up. Then saw Logan b/c Emma was having a fit. Then off to Mason's party where my sis and Matt have painted the kitchen and decorated w/ antique plates which look awesome. And we got to see all of my family and the people I love the most. Sheila and Angela are still on their cruise. But other than that, I am so thankful for the day. We got to spend it w/ our families and enjoy them and had such an awesome time. I thanked God last night in my prayers for such a wonderful, weekend filled w/ our friends and family we love so much. We are so lucky to all be so healthy and happy right now. I thank God for them.

Now we are all back at school and work and back to normalcy. Matt P is supposed to be working on my house some more today. Motivates us to want to do more w/ it.

xoxo- kat

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! 2009 will be a fantastic one for the Drinkard's I hope. We didn't do much but after last year, that's a good thing. We got Alisa and Emma and got fireworks and Taco Bell. (those who know me know that's my fav) At first Emma wasn't so sure and the sparklers kind of scared Matt and I. She did love the poppy things you throw on the ground. And Alisa and I had fun throwing them at mom's window when she was asleep. I know, so mean right? Dad helped Emma hold Roman Candles and I helped alisa. It is scary w/ kids and fireworks though. Emma stayed up too late but that is to be expected. We watched TV, hung out, played cards and just enjoyed bringing in the New YEar w/ our wonderful family.

New Years Day we cleaned and did laundry and visited Deb, Glenn and Michelle. Had wonderful food at my mom's and his. So it was a great start to a great year. I hope everyone reading had a wonderful one w/ their family also.

I woke this morning w/ a reminder of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, beautiful, healthy, smart, funny family. They really are my blessing and I hope I can be the wife and mom they deserve. I do have a wonderful husband that respects and loves and listens to me adn loves being a dad and husband. I am very lucky!!!!

Now we are back at work and having to get back into the swing of things. I am sure everyone is doing the same. School starts back for Emma on Monday so we will be putting the house back together and getting all of her stuff ready for that. Fingers crossed the washing machine part comes in today so Matt and Papa can fix it this weekend. I am thankful though to have MeMaw next door to help w/ the laundry while it's out. Love to u all -